My acne-safe makeup recs

Hi powgirls and cowboys!

I hope your week is off to a lovely start. 儭 Im finally getting back into my routine and settling down from all the travel and running around Ive been doing and its so nice to feel grounded again. Im truly loving life in Austin, especially because Ive gotten the chance to meet so many powgirls here and form these genuine connections I feel like I couldnt before. Feeling so grateful for you all!

As you know, Ive put a huge focus on my acne journey this past year and have made so many adjustments and lifestyle changes diet, supplements, makeup, etc. And you know I never gatekeep!! So I wanted to come on here and give you guys an update on what acne safe makeup products Im using, recommended by my integrative health and nutritional therapy practitioner, Emily Morrow.

I truly trust Emily with my life. Shes helped heal my acne, fix hormonal imbalances, and truly just helped me feel so much better than I ever imagined I could, so I really wanted to share the products she put me onto because not only are the clean and safe for acne prone skin, theyre also so good and work so well. So lets get into it!!

This is my go-to, everyday look. I love a no makeup, makeup look that keeps me feeling glowy but still give me the right amount of coverage. Heres what brands & products I used to create this look & some other faves:

Illuminair矇 Cosmetics
Ive been absolutely obsessed with this brand and their foundation. I personally use the Moisturizing Finish Foundation, but they have different types to choose from depending on your skin type and what youre looking for out of your foundation. Even though this is a clean product, it offers such great coverage and is honestly one of the best foundations Ive ever used clean or not. Also love how accessible it is I always re-order mine from Amazon!

Clearstem Skincare
I also love to mix my foundation with Clearstems You Are Sunshine SPF. Its lightweight so it mixes into my foundation easily, and is unscented + made with non pore-clogging ingredients. I love knowing Im getting SPF coverage when I apply my makeup and love that it feels like one step when I mix them together, instead of layering them both on top of each other.

All of Vooqoos products are made without any synthetic chemicals and are organic, vegan, and of course, cruelty free. This is such a good brand if youre acne-prone or even if you just have very sensitive skin. I really love their Cream Blush because its really pigmented but creates such a natural, dewy look. And Im a huge fan of their makeup setting mist which is made with rose water and great for all skin types!

Another amazing, acne-safe makeup brand made with non-comedogenic ingredients and free of artificial additives or dyes. Their Lip Butter Balm is everything it looks so good on, is super affordable, and comes in tons of different shades.

Some other products I love are the Valentino Brow Trio for my eyebrows, and of course my tried & true fave Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip Pencil for an effortless, but really stunning lip-look!

Finding acne safe makeup that you love is such a journey and can be s long, annoying process, so I hope sharing these recommendations with you makes life a bit easier and guides you in the right direction. I think its so important to be mindful about what were putting directly in and onto our skin, so Ill keep sharing my favorites as the list grows!

If youre struggling with acne, I completely understand and know its such an uphill battle. Im here for you and want you to know youre not alone. For more info about acne and everything I did to heal my acne naturally, Ill link my acne-focused episodes below to give you a helping hand and let you in on all the tea of exactly what helped me!!

Hope you have the best week! Im rooting for you.

Chat soon!
x Mari