I have these Amazon orders on repeat!! 😍

Hello my powgirls!! ☀️ 

Hope you’re doing so well since we last spoke & are soaking up every bit of summer. You already know I’ve been lovinggg getting outside lately. Tanning by the pool, going for a long walk when I can, riding at the barn— I’m really leaning into this beautiful warmer weather & it’s bringing me so much joy. I hope you feel the same way!

You guys always love when I give you product recommendations of current things I’m loving, and I felt like I owed you a little Amazon favorites update so that’s exactly what we’re doing today. Keep scrolling to get some snack ideas (wellness-approved, duh!), my must-have hair accessory, and the supplement organizer that has everyone obsessed every time I post it! 

Starting off strong with my favorite glass noodles ever. Back in LA, I used to be obsessed with this glass garlic noodle side dish from the hot bar at Erewhon, so when we moved to Austin I knew I had to figure out how to make them. I feel like I’m ALWAYS ordering more of these because they’re so versatile and really take the flavor of whatever you season them with which is so nice because I love to eat a noodle-texture without the gluten or starch. 

I really love chewing gum, but it’s so crazy how many nasty ingredients, gums & dyes are in a typical pack of gum. PUR is my absolute favorite because it’s aspartame-free, made with 100% xylitol, great for your dental health & doesn’t lose flavor in 5 minutes like many other natural gums do. 

My favorite sweet treat or post-dinner snack, I can’t get enough of these EVOLVED organic brownie batter keto cups. They’re dairy-free, plant-based, paleo, & have no sugar added. Plus, they’re made with minimal & clean ingredients which you know is a must for me. These taste so amazing and I love having sweet around that I feel 100% confident in for whenever I do get that craving. 

If you didn’t already know, Bloom just launched colostrum + collagen which is so so exciting and such a dream come true. I’ve been taking our colostrum for so long and cannot get over the long list of full-body benefits that it has to offer. I’ve truly never felt better after sticking to my colostrum + greens routine and I love that our formula has added collagen because it’s one less supplement I need to take everyday when it’s all-in-one! 

So I’m in love with these little hair ties. They’re made out of this stretchy, seamless nylon so my hair is never getting snagged, but they’re also super strong and don’t stretch out like a typical hair tie might. 10/10!

Aaaanddd this ice cube face roller!! It’s the best for reducing inflammation when I have acne flare-ups and feels so cooling on your face. I love that you can replace it however often you like, too. Usually I replace the water every morning so I have it fresh for the next day— it just feels so much more hygienic to me than a face roller you throw back into the freezer everyday. I love adding this to my morning skincare routine for an added boost of benefits, freshness + a quick de-puff!

Last but certainly not least, linking you to my supplement organizer!! I’ve gone through sooo many and tried what feels like every single type of organizer, but I really really love this one. Each day of the week has it’s own little vial that pops out for easy access & make it’s so easy to refill each week. Because it’s this cute little tube, I feel like each day fits so many pills, too. 

That’s all for today, I hope you love these recs and tag me when you give them a try! I always try to throw in things I’m really into lately and link you guys to the products I get asked about the most, so let me know what else you want the links to and I’ll throw them in my next amazon favorites newsletter, too! 

Chat soon 🤎
x Mari