Easy Healthy Hormone Swaps & Hacks 🧘‍♀️

Powgirls!! Hi hi— how are you doing? 🫶🏻 How’s your June been? Personally, I’ve been loving all the sunshine in Austin and spending as much time outside at the barn and by the pool as I can. I feel like it’s really been doing wonders for my mental health and I’m just truly feeling so grateful to have ended up here. As I continue getting settled into my Texas gal life I can’t help but feel like it’s exactly where Greg and I were suppose to be! Maybe I’ll have to do an Austin event for the local powgirls? 👀 We’ll see!

Anyways, I’m so excited to get into this newsletter because (as many of you already know) hormone health is so important to me and one of my most highly requested podcast topics. So many aspects of our lifestyles these days are working against us as women and throwing our hormones out of balance. From the food we consume, to the micro toxins we’re exposed to, the high-stress so many of us are under, the lack of nutrients in our diets— the list goes on. 

I’ve been so intentional about my swaps lately and wanted to give you a little peek at what a day in my life looks like with some super easy hormone balancing food hacks that will not only be such an effortless change you won’t even notice you’ve made it, but will 100% make your life easier, too.

Morning Mari loves to get a workout in and get the sweat going. After I’m showered and prepped for the day, I’ll cook myself a high protein breakfast to fuel my day and get me energized. I’ve noticed I feel so much better and full of energy if I prioritize protein in the morning, so I always cook myself a generous serving of bacon or steak on my non-toxic Caraway pans. I can’t imagine life without these pans— I’m literally obsessed. I made the swap to them when I realized how many chemicals I was consuming DAILY with my traditional PTFE coated pans, and I’m so upset I didn’t do it sooner. They’re such a game changer when it comes to cooking and I feel so at ease and excited to cook knowing I’m not consuming tons of chemicals. 

After that I’ll start my day and work straight through the morning until around 11am when it’s time for me to get some steps in and have a snack. I always do my best to get moving for at least 20 minutes, clear my mind and recalibrate for the rest of the day. Obviously, a snack and a fun drink at this time is a MUST, so I usually go for a serving of Greens and snack on a Chomps beef stick. 

I literally always keep these two on me, it’s actually hilarious. I should do a what’s in my purse one day because you’ll literally just find stick packs, meat sticks, and lip gloss. Again, I can’t explain how beneficial it is to prioritize protein in your diet when you’re trying to balance your hormones and feel your best, so having easy snacks I can just reach for and trust the ingredients of is so important to me. If you haven’t tried them, you’re missing out and won’t be disappointed!

Once I finish up my work day it’s my favorite time of the day— dinner with Greg! Lately we’ve just been so busy that we just don’t have the time or energy to plan what we’re going to do for dinner so we’ve been ordering groceries through Hungryroot. Guys…when I tell you this has been absolutely night and day for sticking to a hormone-friendly diet that actually tastes good and makes me feel my best. I’m not even kidding, I can’t recommend it enough. 

The best part is that you can tailor the groceries they send you based on your diet needs, so I always opt for low sugar, high protein, dairy free, gluten free + gut friendly meals. Once I put all the information in, Hungryroot will send groceries & coinciding recipes straight to my door so I can make fresh, healthy, personalized meals without much work, planning, prep time, or grocery shopping. 

Then it’s off to bed, featuring my bedtime routine we chatted about in my newsletter a few weeks back. I think the wind down is honestly one of the most important parts of my day and such an important tool if you’re working to reduce stress, lower cortisol levels, and balance hormones— so be sure to check that out for the full routine as well.

As always, you can find tons more info about exactly what health hacks you’re looking for on my podcast, Instagram, or in past newsletters— you know I got the Powgirls with all the tips! 

I hope you get some time to do what you love this weekend and make some changes that will benefit you & your health. I’m rooting for you!!

Chat soon 🤎
x Mari