Heal Your Hormones with Me

Happy Wednesday, Powgirls! 奎
I hope youre off to a lovely week.

As you know, Ive been in my hormone healing healing era. This is a topic that Ive become super passionate about, honestly because there just isnt enough information around it, especially when its become such a nationwide problem and Ive struggled so much with my hormones, too. I know thats also the case for so many of you. 

I wanted to pop in here at the top of the week and come in with some hormone healing tips for you, no matter where you are in your journey. Funnily Ive noticed that many of the changes Ive made to heal my hormones have really just improved my health overall and made me feel the best I ever have, so I wanted to share that same knowledge with you. You already know I dont gatekeep from you gals! Im going to share some of my fave tips below, but I also have so many POW episodes with some really incredible guests, including hormonal doctors, experts, nutritionists, and more, so be sure to tune into those if youre looking for some more info as well.

Alright, lets get into it!

Start with lab testing
I cant stress this enough, it can be so overwhelming and confusing to know something is wrong but be unsure of what exactly. In my experience, its always more than one thing. Getting your hormones tested can be a bit of a journey, especially because its not a standard in western medicine, but it can absolutely be done and is such an important part of coming back into balance. Without real data from lab results, youll otherwise just be guessing at whats going on in your body. I go through Lifeforce for all my testing, which I cannot recommend enough. You can check them out & get a discount on your labwork when you click the link here!

Get your protein up
Giving your body more high-quality proteins and fats can do absolute wonders for reducing inflammation and balancing your hormones. Like all things, its super important to have a balance, but prioritizing whole foods and centering your diet around nutritious, non-processed meals can truly only benefit your body and the way that you feel. Everyone is different, so definitely experiment to find what feels best for you, but be sure youre prioritizing protein in most if not all meals. I really love & recommend ordering red meat from a source like White Oak Pastures or going to your local farmers market!

Reduce stress
I know this feels like such an obvious one, but it wasnt until I began my personal hormone healing journey that I realized how much of a challenge it was to unplug, wind down, and truly get into a relaxed and stress-free state. Focus in on what things cause you the most daily stress, then see how you can slowly reduce them or find times to connect from them completely. Whether that means no work calls past 4pm, two long walks throughout the day, no social media on weekdays, etc. Remember that this is a journey and huge lifestyle change that doesnt need to be made overnight! For me, finding hobbies that truly allowed me to forget about any stressors has been everything. Whenever Im horseback riding or at the barn, in the sauna or reading a book before bed nothing else matters. Find your go-to and really lean into it!

Im such a huge advocate for taking supplements, especially once youve gotten your lab work done and know what areas in your body you need to focus in on and improve, but they are definitely not the sole solution to hormone health. Healing your hormones is such a holistic process, and while I think supplements are so important and can genuinely be life changing, I dont think they should be placed as the top priority. Making those lifestyle and dietary changes first, then supplementing as an added boost is the way to go in my opinion. Otherwise youre just putting a bandaid over the issue and never going to get to the root of the problem(s) that caused the imbalance in the first place. P.S. We just launched Pineapple Greens in Target & the flavor is absolutely insane! Let me know if you try it out!

Going on the journey to heal your hormones, especially in 2024 is such an act of self love. With hormone disruptors literally everywhere, it can feel so discouraging and leave you unsure where to start. Trust me, I get it. If theres any advice I can give you, remember that any change is a great change, and you will thank yourself for it. Im so proud of you for even considering how you can improve and feel better, and you have so many people (including me!) rooting for you. Remember that youre never alone, Im always here to give you my best tips & advice, and that you can do hard things.

Chat soon!
xx Mari