How I'm Thriving Through My 30s & How You Can Too ✨

Hi my powgirls, how are you doing!! 🥹🤎

What an absolute ride this month has been. I feel like so much has happened since we last caught up and I’m so excited to get into some big updates & share some of my absolute favorite wellness habits & hacks with you.

For one, I found out Greg & I are entrepreneur of the year finalists, which is so insane!! I’m truly so proud of Bloom and the positive impact it’s had in the women’s health space over the last few years. I also had the absolute honor of attending the Time 100 Health Impact dinner this month and being surrounded by some of the most incredible, inspiring people in the wellness space. At dinner there was an overwhelming amount of amazing conversation, but one particular theme couldn’t be missed— women’s health. As someone who dedicates so much time, effort, and love into creating a platform that brings more knowledge and information to women in particular, I couldn’t be any more thrilled to see the buzz and emphasis around its importance.

With that being said, and as I’ve spent the days leading up to and after my (30th!) birthday reflecting on this past year, I wanted to share some new habits I’m really leaning into and will absolutely be bringing into my 30s with me. Wellness is so customizable to you and what you need in the moment— I think it’s one of the things I love about it most, but the following few hacks aren’t just trends I’ve tried that have come and gone, they’re things I’ve been doing for some time now and truly anticipate carrying all through this next big decade, so I can always stay 30, flirty, & thriving. Let’s get into them!

💤 Optimizing Sleep
I talk about it all the time, but getting enough quality sleep is truly so so important when it comes to any and all things wellness. It’s necessary for optimal fitness, hormone balancing, aging, brain health— the list literally never ends. I have tons of hacks that ensure I get quality sleep every night (I shared lots of tips + my exact bedtime routine in my last newsletter) but one of my favorites by far has been investing in an Eight Sleep pod. It’s almost like a super smart mattress cover that has controlled temperature settings for each side of the bed, sleep reports, snore detection, and so much more. Sleeping in a cool temperature is so important for getting quality sleep and the Eight Sleep lets me sleep at a different temperature than Greg which I really love, plus I’ve noticed such an improvement not only in the quality of my sleep, but in how energized and refreshed I feel every morning. 10/10 recommend if you want to completely transform your sleep quality!

❄️Cold Plunging
I’ve been cold plunging consistently for definitely over a year now and at this point, I can’t imagine I’ll ever stop. I talk about it all the time with so many different guests and I feel like I’m constantly finding a new benefit to gain from it. It reduces inflammation (less soreness & quicker recovery!), increases metabolism, boosts mood, improves heart health and also has tons of sleep benefits as well. When we moved to Austin, Greg and I knew we had to have a cold plunge inside the house. We had in the backyard at our Venice home, but it wasn’t super encouraging to plunge when it would be cold and rainy, and I wanted to make sure I could be really consistent about it because I felt so amazing when I was doing it regularly. We ended up going with a plunge from the brand Plunge and I am so so happy with it. They have so many options for different sizes and different home capacities— I’m so sad we didn’t find them sooner. If you’re getting into cold plunging and are looking to really see an improvement from all its benefits, I definitely recommend checking Plunge out!

🧼 Clean Products
Not to be dramatic, but I can’t imagine life without my Branch Basics!! I’m so particular about the chemicals I keep in my home, not only because of my hormone healing journey and wanting to make sure my body is balanced and free of forever chemicals, but also because it’s a huge contributor to acne and inflammation in the body, which you all know has been a big priority for me this year. I’ve tried so many toxic-free cleaning products and all of them either don’t clean very well, don’t smell the best, or aren’t truly safe. Branch Basics is such a game changer for me and a brand I feel like I can really trust, which is honestly pretty rare, so I can’t recommend them enough. I’m obsessed with their glass bottles and would highly suggest getting the Starter Kit to start as it comes with everything you might need and just makes things so simple & easy! I know making the switch to clean products can be a little overwhelming + pricey, so if you do decide to make the switch, be sure to use code “POW” for a discount. 🫶🏻

🩺 Tracking Health Metrics
Especially as I enter my 30s, plan on having kids, and just want to maintain optimal health and continue to learn more about my body, Lifeforce is such an amazing tool for me to make sure I’m tracking all my health metrics at the highest level. You start by measuring your baseline just to see where your body is at and get a better gage at your health history, then based on your results and with the help of a dedicated health coach, you start addressing your health concerns holistically and improving your overall wellness. You retest every few months to ensure you’re making progress and your body is adapting well to the changes you’ve implemented, then move forward from there. This has been so important to me when it comes to balancing my hormones and optimizing my fertility journey and I’m so excited to be sharing it with you all now. If you’re looking to make some serious health improvements tailored to your exact needs (which, who am I kidding we all are), you absolutely need to try Lifeforce. 

I always thought I’d be scared to turn 30, but the truth is I’m so excited for this new chapter and to be entering it with a world of knowledge I didn’t have going into even my mid-20s. If anything, I’m so excited to continue learning, growing, and improving through this decade and I can’t wait to see you do the same alongside with me. Let me know if you give any of the above hacks a try, because I’m positive you’ll fall in love with any and all of them! 

I can’t wait to chat with you all soon, cheers to another year of being our best wellness girl selves.✨

x Mari