My latest outfit deets! ✨

Hi hi all my powgirls and powboys! 🤎

I feel like it’s been so long since we caught up. There’s been so much going on — I swear I’ve been everywhere all at once for the last few weeks!! As you all know, we just moved to Austin and are finally getting settled into life in Texas (which I’m loving btw, check out my last newsletter & life update episode for all the deets). 🎧

I’ve been traveling into the city and recording some really exciting podcasts, connecting with amazing people, and traveling TONS. We just got back from the UK, where we celebrated the huge launch of Bloom Greens in my home country for the first time ever!!🇬🇧 I’ve been trying to keep you all updated in my posts, but I keep seeing you asking for my outfit details and obviously you know I’m going to give the powgirls and powboys what they want. 💅 Let’s get into what I’ve been wearing lately, with all the links below!! 🔗

Obsessed with this jacket and onesie combo!! I love how versatile the onesie is — literally can be worn to workout, paired with sneakers & a zip up for a daytime look, or dressed up with a cute jacket & boots!!

Glasses are Celine and they’re so good. I wear them everywhere and feel like they’re such a flattering shape + I love the tortoise shell pattern.

A moment for the pants!!!! It’s hard to find flattering pants for a tall gal like me so you already know I wasn’t gonna gatekeep these. I’ve also been loving the ballet flat + sweater vibes. I love this combo because it’s so comfy and easy to throw on but also very put together.

Fi has really been eating the girlies up with her fits so I’m sharing the details from both our looks because I’m obsessed. Both our shoes are Adidas, jeans are Levi’s, I’m wearing a North Face Puffer, and Fi’s jacket is from xx

And last but not least, the boots that are giving everything we need them to give. They’re also insanely comfortable and such good quality + they have a heel that’s not too tall which I love. Definitely prepare to see more of them!!

Don’t forget to tag me in your OOTD pics if you end up snagging any of these — I can’t wait to see you slaying these looks!! Be sure to let me know what else you want to hear from me on IG, and stay tuned for some really exciting episodes and newsletters coming soon! 👀

Chat soon!!
Xoxo, Mari 🤎